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For Teachers and Administrators

What the Book and Practice Plan Do in Training.
Recommendations for use in classes
Class Syllabus for Reading/Writing assignments
ACAOM Accredited Training Applicability
Ethics and Risk Management Class Applicability
Increased Benefits–Book/Practice Plan

Table of Contents–Art of PM
Table of Contents–Plan
Book reviews–Art of PM
Sample Chapters–Art of PM







The Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Health Care Practices - Book, 516 pages

Discounts: When the Plan Format is purchased with the Art of Practice Management book, Spiral bound Plan is $45. to your student. Further school discounts apply. .
$75 or $45
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(See Relevancy to ACAOM Core Curiculum Requirements on the next page or click here now)

Purpose of the Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Practices and the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Management Plan Format:

To lay the foundation of understanding and competency in professional practice that prepares Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practitioners to carry out viable approaches and legitimate policies and procedures in the 22 major areas within ethics, practice management and development (Areas are numbered and highlighted in the syllabus) . To create consciously competent, successful and reputable Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practitioners worthy of public acceptance and their professional status in this country.

Objective: Students and practitioners will learn principles, approaches and procedures of professional acpuncture and Oriental medicine health care practice and how to apply them both internally (using yin intelligences) and externally using a successful organized practice management and development plan (using their yang intelligences).

Designed to provide materials which meet Core Curriculum Requirement Standards
for Accredited Training in the area of Ethics and Practice Management for Class Room Instruction at the critical time when the habit patterns are being established for professional practice. (Below Syllabus see Applicability to Core Curriculum Requirements for Accredited Training in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the US)

Materials can be further used as reference at every level of professional practice practice–from student preparation to advanced practitioner levels


Recommended Minimum Courses Hours
: 45 hours, 2–1.5 hours classes (3 hours) a week with 1 hour of homework for every hour of class time. 3 Segments 15 hours each:

  • 15 Hours of Ethics, Standards of Care and Risk Management Color
  • 15 Hours of Successful Practice–Start Up Planning
  • 15 Hours of Patient Communication Skills–including patient Care Planning, counseling skills and front office communication skills–Public Relations; Internal and External Marketing.

TO put these hours into perspective: the chiropractic profession normally offers 90 hours. Some schools offer less than 45 hours, and the text and plan have been used with less hours.

The Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Health Care Practices and The ACOM Holistic Practice Management Plan Format can be used in each class or segment of practice management training with homework assigned from the Plan.

Recommend all assignments be completed on time because of the length of time it takes to complete each section. Recommend section 3, 4 and 5 be turned in to the instructor for review on due dates and the entire notebook be turned in at the end of class, (Parts of the Self Review excepted, for privacy reasons. Nondisclosure statement is in the beginning of the Plan.). The plan format along with the information in the text can be used to meet ACAOM Essential 8 Program of Study Competency Requirements in all major areas of Practice Management: Ethics, Standards of Care, Legal Aspects of Practice, Risk Management, Documentation, Safe Practice Planning, Patient Care Communications, Insurance and Financial Management, Best Referral Practices, Reputable Practice Building and Marketing. (See Practice Management Applicability to ACAOM requirements following the syllabus.) The Art of PM and the Practice Management Plan Format are recommended texts from student preparation and start up throughout the whole life of the practice.

Recommended Reading and Written Assignments
For Practice Management Competency

The Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Health Care Practices and
in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Plan Fill-in Format


    1. Resume and Self Review

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: Section 1:
      "The Chi of Practice" and "Synergy: The Art of Bringing Vision and Action Together"
    • Homework Assignment Format: Fill in #1– All of the Self Review (Optional regarding submitting at the end of class, for privacy reasons. Read and fill in “Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Form.”)
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    2. Professional Statement

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: All Chapters in "The Art of Practice Management” section.
      Format Fill-in: Look at your self review in light of your reading assignment. Fill in Section 2. (Short easy assignment.)
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    3. Status, Responsibility and Trends in the Profession:

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: ”Status of the Profession,” "Ethics and Responsibilities"
      Format Fill-in: #3 & #5 Ethics questions 1-35 only
    • TURN IN Assignment Due Dates ___________________________
    • Recommend substantial class room and homework time for the "Ethics and Responsibilities" Sections

      The History of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be further explored by accessing the website http://www.mic.ki.se/China.html

    4. Scope of Practice Ethics and Legal Aspects

    • Reading Homework Assignment in the Art of PM: Standards for Care , Risk Management, Documentation and Records;
      "Getting Started Legally," in the Starting Practice & Reviewing Your Practice section.
      In CLINIC Acupuncture Risk Management: by David Kailin– ALL and particularly "Aspects of Treatment" for practicum.

    • Recommend getting on-line on the From Tao to Earth website: http://taotoearthpmpubs.com and downloading the laws and regulations applicable to all health care practice and specifically acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practices. Click on Laws, Regulations, Regulatory Agencies and Medical Boards. and These should relate to where you are training and where you intend to practice. You can also obtain the State Laws Regulating Acupuncture, from your school library if they have a copy. Recommend reading regarding state of choice for practice.

      Also check the Scope of Practice and Competency Training and page of the website: http://www.taotoearthpmpubs.com

      In the US Barbara Mitchell's book on the Laws and Regulations Regulating Acupuncture is available from the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance. This publication is updated yearly. The American Acupuncture Association of Oriental Medicine has this for the field of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine also in the US.

    • Format Fill-in Homework Assignments:
      #4 Ethics Questions 1-9. (Different from ethics questions in #5.)
      Legal Questions 1-37.
    • Recommend substantial class room and homework time for the "Ethics and Risk Management " Sections. Reveals student competency on ethics and risk management.
    • TURN IN Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    5. Patient Care Rationale

    • Reading Assignment in Art of PM: Chapter on "Safe Practice Planning and Communication"All chapters in "Patient Care" Section.
    • Recommend question asking and answering time and review of "Documentation and Records" section in class.
    • Format Fill-in Homework Assignment: #5
      Safe Practice Planning and Communication" section. Questions 1-22
      For Established practitioners: pages 5-12 through 5-17
    • TURN IN Assignment Due Dates: __________________________

    6. Practice Presentation

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: The Inner and Outer Aspects of Attracting Patients. ALL
    • Review the "Safe Practice Planning Communications" section and "Patient Care" section to help you clarify both your verbal and written presentation. It will help you understand how to "build in" safe reputable practice that provides continuity of care, empowers your patients and creates referral from inside your practice.
      Review the section on "Art of Practice Management: Includingsections on Location, Office Presentation and Image."
    • Successful Patient Communication Approaches, (Note: percentage of increase to the practice.)
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: Read all of number #6 (except Service Concept, questions 4 and 7). Go back and fill these two questions in after you have done your patient profile and area surveys and add any new information based on what you found out.
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    7. Health Market Research and Findings

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: Inner and Outer Aspects of Attracting Patients–Review the section on The Patient Profile and surveys.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #7 (Questions 4 & 7 of Plan's #6)
      State the source of your data--Health Department, Chamber of Commerce, government reports, acupuncture associations, health care magazines, other magazines, or reports.
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    8. Marketing Plan

    • Reading Assignment: Review the Marketing section of Inner and Outer Aspects of Attracting Patients.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #8
      Your approach; network and specific market; methods you will use; advertising; promotion; priorities. (For "service concept," see section 6.)
      Review your Service Concept in #6. Use it to design your practice brochure.
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________
    • Financial Plan Reading Assignment: Read "Multidimensional Aspects of Finances and in the Starting Practice section "Moving Forward Financially"
    • Review the "Tao of Financial Well-Being" and "Removing Barriers to Success and Financial Well-being" in "The Art of Practice Management" section.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #9
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    10. Proposed Financing of the Practice

    • Review or work on homework from last section.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #10 (Make research phone calls on sources of capital.)
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    11. Self and Team Management Procedure

    • Reading Assignment: "Personnel--Your Valuable Support"
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #11 (See questionnaires in Section 20 job descriptions in Volumes I & II.)
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    12. Professional Practice Team Homework Assignment

    • Format Fill-in: #12, (very light assignment).
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    13. Location Plan and Office Space Criteria

    • Reading Assignment:
      The Feng Shui of Location and Space: "Where to practice," "Your Office Presentation" and "Office Space" sections in the "Art of Practice Management" section and "Starting in Practice" section.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #13
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    14 . Equipment, Furnishings, Supplies Requirements

    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #14
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    15. Professional Fee Survey and Schedule Reading Assignment: Fees

    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #15
    • Assignment Due Dates: _________________

    16. Financial Bookkeeping System and Policies

    • Reading Assignment: Chapters under "Financial Systems and Policies" and "Operations"
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #16 Statement and review.
      Review the office policy brochure in the format.
    • Assignment Due Dates: ___________________________

    17. Patient Orientation and Education

    • (The Practitioner-Patient Communication Section has been moved from Vol IV into the Art of Practice Management book, with the exception of the "Telephone Scheduling" and other Front Office Patient Scripts which are still in Volume II and IV.)
    • "The Patient Orientation and Education Actions and Written Communications" in the Plan are repeated here for your benefit to bring attention to their importance from a communication standpoint. They are in section 6 as well. These communication procedures are what rapidly grows your practice from within the practice. Fill it out in the other section. (Just mark repeat in this section if needed for class purposes.) Written communications are in a slightly different format so you can see them from a different perspective.

Practice Management Classes– Patient Orientation and Education

  • Recommend more than one class and homework time given to this section.
  • Recommend doing "Class Presentations."
  • Recommend Dialogues be done in class or outside of class. #17 in the Practice Plan is a Self Review, Buddy Review or Instructor's Review of Student's Communication Competency.

    17A Review section on "Patient Care" in The Art of Practice Management:

    • Consultation, Examination and Treatment. Oral Report of Findings Communication.
    • "Different Patient Communication Styles" and working with difficult communications.
    • "Telephone and Appointment Scheduling" sections.
    • Review in the section on "Art of Practice Management:"
    • Successful Patient Procedures/Communication Approaches (percentage of increase to the practice).
    • Homework:
      Practice dialogues in the Acupuncture Front Office Procedure book. Check this book out from your school library if you are not in practice yet and find a friend with whom to practice.
      Fill in #17 Telephone Scripts and Other Patient Communications
      Fill in competency level. (Student/practitioner, buddy, instructor)
    • Assignment Due Date _________________________

    17B Review "The Acupuncture Health Care Presentation/Lay Lecture" in "The Inner & Outer Aspects of Attracting Patients" section in The Art of Practice Management

    • Recommended Homework preparation for Presentations using one or both of the following approaches:
      In 10 minutes what would you present to other doctors? What article or back- up material can you use to show success rates for acupuncture for a specific condition(s). Beyond a doctor's mental assessment, what is unique about your approach that would make them want to refer you?
    • What experimental exercise could you use to lead the class in, (or potential patients in a lay acupuncture health class), to create a shift in their health awareness right then and there? You must create a shift in their awareness for them to either refer or come to you
    • Presentation Assignment Due Date _______________________________

    18. Insurance Program

    • Reading Assignment in the Art of PM: "Insurance, Reporting and Court Preparation." (Volume III Success with Insurance goes into depth on this subject.)
      Instructors Vol. III: Success with Insurance is a good basis for class room teaching. Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #18
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    19. Service and Products Development

    • Review section on "Planning for Different Stages of Practice", "Treasures of Income Generation" and "Income Planning and Management"
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #19 What you will increase and decrease for the stage of practice you will be developing.
    • Turn in assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    20. How You Will Monitor Your Practice

    • Reading Assignment:
      "Viewing Your Practice from Wholeness and Duality," in the "Starting in Practice, Reviewing Practice" section.
      Review "Tao of Financial Well-being and Essentials for Practice Growth and Profitability", "Yin & Yang of Reputation and Practice Growth", "Successful Patient Procedures, (with percentages), "Feedback from Patients."
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #20 Review a clinic using this section or the other Evaluation Questionnaire in The Art of Practice Management.
    • Assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    21. Role in Practice / Legal Structure of the Practice

    • Reading Assignment in The Art of Practice Management:
      All of "Balancing the Needs of Society and your Own," Chapter consists of:
      Private Practice & Managed Care.
      Negotiating Your Position in Health Care.
      What Role Do You Want to Fill?
      Start up Directions for Beginning Practice.
      First Year in Practice.
    • Review: "Starting Legally"
    • What to Get legal Assistance on when Setting up Your Form of Business
    • Choosing your business name and business entity.
    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #21
    • Turn in assignment Due Date: ___________________________

    22. Business Projections:

    • Homework Assignment Format Fill-in: #22
    • Turn in assignment Due Date: ___________________________


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