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Lily Diamond's Educating and Practice-Building Audiotapes

By Lily Diamond, A.P.
Dipl. Ac. & C.H. (NCCAOM)

Lily Diamond has spoken at both national and state acupuncture and Oriental Medicine conferences on presentations for patients and doctors and is well respected in the profession.

MAKING SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATIONS --Audio Tape. Includes 17 page professional Handout!
Available $19.95

60 Minutes. $15. each.

1 Patient's Guide To Understanding Acupuncture $15.00

Making Successful Presentations
Making Successful Presentations is a foundation course for the Oriental Medical Practitioner. This tape will give you the basics of how to structure a practice-building talk to best promote your individual skills and specialities. Learn how the combination of inspiration and information can work for you to increase your practice and to contribute to promoting the profession by making effective presentations. Includes 17 pag Professional Handout! 60 minutes.
Available now.

Understanding Acupuncture
An introduction to the art and science of acupuncture for the public. Brief overview of how acupuncture is used in the context of Oriental Medicine, as a treatment modality. How acupuncture works in terms of western science is illustrated using modern research. Closes with a guided meditation using the meridians. 60 minutes.
Available now.

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