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Patient Education & Follow-through

Educate Your Patients for Better Results!

Arousal: to Understanding
Acupuncture &
Oriental Medicine
What is Acupuncture?
How Does it Work?
Demystifies acupuncture. Interest POTENTIAL patients in its workings. Helps ESTABLISHED patients communicate what acupuncture is to others.
To Preferred Care
Why Acupuncture
For POTENTIAL patients trying to decide why and when to go to an acupuncturist, rather than other medical care. Helps ESTABLISHED patients communicate to others about you. Establishes credibility and preference.
To Assurance
Acupuncture: Answers to Your Questions
For NEW and ESTABLISHED patients. Significant answers for best results.
To Hope
How Acupuncture Benefits You
Stimulates the person who needs care but hasn't been motivated to receive it or believed he could get well. Presents relative cases. Promotes hope and believability for potential, new or existing patients.
To Cooperation
Getting the Best Results with Acupuncture
Significant reminders to all patients as to their responsibility for best results.
To Healing and Completion
Following Through with Acupuncture
For all patients. This one presents 13 common instances "When to communicate." 90% of patients get treated sporadically, receive little follow-up care, quit care prematurely, and prolong getting good results because these instances are not addressed!


$12.85 each (50/packet) of pamphlets
$89.95 for any 8 packets of 50 each
(7 plus the last packet free!) See details below

What is Acupuncture?
How Does It Work?
Why Acupuncture? $12.85
How Acupuncture Benefits You $12.85
Getting the Best Results with Acupuncture $12.85
Questions & Answers $12.85
Following Through with Acupuncture $12.85
Combination of any 8 packets (8th one free) .$89.95


Shipping & hand. is minimum $10, so larger orders are more cost effective.

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