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Scope of Practice & Competency Training in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and/ or Herbal Medicine For Australia & Oceana




  • New Zealand Natural Health Practitioners Accreditation Board. PO Box 37-491, Auckland. Tel: 9625 9966


  • The Art of Practice Management for Acupuncture Health Care Practices 516 pages by Bestani, Fernandez and Gumenick 500+ pages addresses total acupuncture practice management, standards of care, safe practice planning and risk management communications and procedures within the philosophy of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This is a five star rated book and its expertise has universal application. It can be used with additional information on the laws and regulations from this website and information on the US oriented insurance chapter can be ignored. Contac/A>

  • Acupuncture Risk Management by D. Kailin, 336 pages. One of the best resources for clinical practice competency training and reference. Furthermore, although the author synthesizes all of the US federal documents into a readable manageable form. it is authoritative enough to use internationally if used with the regulations and laws accessible from this website. ContacFrom Tao to Earth for distribution in Australia

  • Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Forms Packets with Disclosure, Risk and Benefits and Consent Forms, Other Medical Release and consent History, Intake and Patient Care Forms, Legal Contracts, Narratives and Liens, etc. Click on Professional Forms on the navigation bar. Contact From Tao to Earth
  • Acupuncture: Efficacy, Safety and Practice available from the British Medical Association also contains statements from the National Institutes of Health Consensus Develpoment Statement, (the most well-known and respected reports internationally). There are sections of the study on the efficacy and safety of acupuncture, the ways in which acupuncturists are taught and the future development of the profession. The report also summarizes a BMA survey of general practitioners and their feelings toward complementary and alternative care, and issues recommendations as to how the delivery of acupuncture can be improved. BMA recommends treatment by integrated into national health service. See Review For orders, e-mail: May be available from

  • Acupuncture Efficacy: A Compendium of Controlled Clinical Studies by Birch and Hammerschlag was funded through the CCAOM member contributions to the National Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as a grant for this book. Review on its uses by practitioners, administrators, legislators. E-mail NAAOM for individual and bulk discounts. Available from possibly Acuneeds in Australia and US Acupuncture Alliance and Redwing Books

  • Herbal Safety section of the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance website. Click on their Overview and Recommendations,

  • Herb Safety Articles, including Drug Herb Interaction Page are outstanding. They are on Subudhi Dharma's web site:

  • Jonathan Treasure's Site has valuable information regarding drug-herbal interactions and correct handling of this.

  • Clean Needle Technique Manual - Fourth Edition by the National Acupuncture Foundation - contains up-to-date information on revised CNT procedures, OSHA requirements and CNT procedures for public health settings. Available in English, Chinese and Korean.

  • Toward a Safer Choice (click on title for Book Review)available from the Acuneeds Australia, It addresses competency standards and regulations in practice.

  • Laser Institute of America Florida. Laser standards, laser training texts and videos. Florida. Source for ANSI Z136.1

  • Rockwell Laser Industries, Inc. LaserNet. Laser Safety information & database.

  • Precautions on the use of Magnetic Devices.


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