This page is of value in student preparation for practice and during the class cycle; for the teaching requirements of instructors; new and established practitioner competency review; school administration accreditation planning, review, and upgrading; coordinating regulatory board member communications, and legislative review. Please also see the substantial work done by other countries which can contribute to the whole.


Click here on WHO International Digest of Health Legislation to view relevant legislation for competency and scope of practice for to your geographical area.European Commission (part of the membership board of the EMEA) Tel: (32-2) 299 4374 Fax: (32-2) 296 6615 E-mail

  • EMEA European Medicinal Evaluation Agency This agency acts as an agent of quality control with health care products, numerous documents and legislation is on their sight which cab be downloaded from their site or available for a fee. The agency represents 15 European Union countries plus Iceland and Portugal. E-mail
  • European Federation of Oriental Medicine (EFOM) This site is in dutch, however the links are in English. E-mail
  • International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) holds a World Congress (from 150-800 participants) every two years with at least one delegate representing each country's member associations, Ministries of Health, City Councils and local faculty of medicine. The education chapter has created a paper on accreditation standards. it is registered with Medline Network on the subjects touching acupuncture and related techniques. They are not unionized and do not interfere with local legislation although have concerns due to the lack of control over education and practice of these techniques in most countries that it is safer when applied by practitioners with a medical (or veterinarian or dentist) degree. E-mail
  • Ministries of Health provide standards for health practice include hazardous waste disposal, particulates, etc. Representatives are active in the EMA
  • Ministries of Veterinary Health provide standards for health practice include hazardous waste disposal, particulates, research,etc. Representatives are active in the EMEA.
  • WHO World Health Organization provides a reknown lists of conditions that acupuncture has successfully treated and documentation and other valuable relevant information from their worldwide data base, including laws that take into consideration training requirements.


British Acupuncture Council/BAcC - The BAcC requires that practitioners undertake an extensive and thorough training in acupuncture of two years full time or the part-time equivalent, regardless of a person's prior western medical qualification.The BAcC does not consider it appropriate to have taken a one or two weekend course in acupuncture. E-mail

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