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We are often asked by instructors or administrators if they can have a free review copy of our materials.

While it is prohibitive for such a small company as ours to offer free books initially to instructors and schools, we do have a win-win policy which allows us to cover our costs and you to reduce yours. We allow the instructors up to 21 days to review The Art of Practice Management and the Holistic Practice Plan to make a decision whether they will be keeping the books and using them for their classes. We hold the check or credit card imprint for these materials unprocessed during that time. If we have not heard from the instructor within the 21 days, we will call and attempt to reach them just before the three week period. Unless the books have been returned to us by then, the funds will be processed automatically after 21 days. When the school places a whole class order of 5 or more books for the bookstore for that instructor's class, we refund the full cost of the same instructor's materials to the purchaser.

First, we recommend that instructors check their school library to view any of the From Tao to Earth books desired for their classes. The Art of Practice Management and the Holistic Practice Plan can be used for a number of classes, not just one, so these are an economical purchase.

If your school or former practice management instructor has not received any free copies of the book in the past, we have a policy on ordering that the current instructor who "requires" the books for the class receives their copy free at the time an order of 5 or more has been made for the whole class.

Recommending the books to students for the book store is not sufficient for a free copy. We reward instructors who actually work with our materials with the students to create a continuity in training.

are based on the following quantities:

COLLEGE DISCOUNTS are on all From Tao to Earth Publications except the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Management Plan Format, which is a 40% discount when ordered simultaneously with The Art of Practice Management For Acupuncture Health Care Practices.

Units of 5- 17 = 20%
Units of 18-24 = 25%
25-44 + = 30%
45+ = 35%

Library Discount is 10%

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