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Building Your Practice

Tapas Fleming, L.Ac.

General Testimonials

Professional Practitioner testimonials.
Tapas Fleming's Bio

Professional Testimonials

“TAT is one of the new power therapies that is producing dramatic changes in trauma, stress, allergies, fear, self-esteem and promoting self-healing.”
   Lee Pulos, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Vancouver, B.C., 604-669-6979

“I’ve used TAT on an almost daily basis in my clinical practice... on its own and interwoven with difference treatment modalities, with a wide variety of clinical issues and ages. I find it particularly helpful with longn term patients, traumatized adolescents and young children. TAT presents a respectful approach to the total person and has been as wonderful addition to my therapeutic repertoire.”
   Marilyn Deak, Ph.D., 302-475-4202

“I’ve been using TAT for about two years and I am very excited about the depth of healing that can occur. It is a simple yet profound healing technique.”
   Carina Z. Wagner, Sebastopol, CA, Licensed Acupunturist

“TAT is an elegant treatment in that it is simple yet very powerful. My clients have used it successfully for a range of difficulties including trauma, problem emotional states, and limiting/faulty beliefs. I consider TAT an indispensable tool for mind-body healing.”
   Helen Tuggy, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, 503-520-0912

“TAT is fast, effective, and easy to combine with other therapies. I find it especially good with early childhood trama. Combining TAT with other techniques, particularly Thought Field Therapy, I am moving clients through dissociative disorders more quickly than I every could have imagined. My enthusiasm about TAT’s effectiveness with my clients is second only to my enthusiasm about its effectiveness on myself.”
   Eroca Shaler, M.A., Registered Psychologist, 604-683-3113

“TAT has enhanced my practice. I use it to help clients process and resolve the pain attached to traumatic memories. One client resolved his anger at his father for not protecting him from an abuser who was a family “friend” in a matter of minutes. In the ensuing weeks, he developed a close and honest relationship with his father.
    “And Tapas Fleming is a gifted, caring, warm-hearted teacher. Her seminar is well-organized and fun. She is readily available by telephone or email for support and advice.”
   Jeff Bakely, M.S.S., L.S.W., 610-265-8806

“I have used TAT with great success in a variety of traumas such as abandonment when given up for adoption, agoraphobia, sport performance, fear, and relationship break-up. This technique has resulted in a major shift and dramatic progress in therapy.”
   Heather Fay, M.D., 604-738-0042

“Tapas is a creative, sensitive and systematic healer who is deeply committed to teaching others. I have used TAT with medical doctors and professionals, as well as with individuals skeptical of alternative therapies. All have been profoundly affected and pleased with the results. I have been a professional for 30 years and have never encountered such a powerful clearing tool.”
   Roberta Roth, LCSW, 541-484-6986

“I have found 95% success rate on SUDS (subjective units of distress) for emotional/psychological distress. The emotions have included sadness, anxiety, hurt, upset, tension, guilt and anger.”
   Phillip H. Friedman, Ph.D., Foundation for Well Being

“I was once challenged by microbiologist, Bruce Lipton, to find faster and more effective trauma treatments than were in use in the early 1980’s. His concern was at the cellular level. I was trained first in Levels I and II EMDR, then in TFT, and more recently in TAT and Process Healing. I have effectively used all three, along with variations I have introduced. I believe that TAT enables a person to assimilate and process previously unresolved trauma rapidly. I have used it effectively for well over a year. I have used it within the context of all kinds of trauma, ranging from head injuries and motor vehicle accidents, through physical and sexual abuse. As with EMDR, however, I believe that its use may need to be in the hands of skilled clinicians, with skill in cognitive therapy.
   “I perceive TAT to be highly respectful of the individual who guides the process and learns to be their own trauma specialist and therapist. I welcome this gentnle and respectful technique which can facilitate the healing process within us all.”
   H. Jane Wakefield, M.A., Registered Psychologist, Certified Trauma Specialist Vernon, B.C.

“I have used TAT on a wide variety of patient complaints: panic disorders, depression, simple anxiety, as well as very complex PTSD/incest treatment. In each case, TAT proved to be a powerfully gentle tool, most profoundly with a woman raped during childhood. We were able to reduce and resolve the trauma without dragging the client through graphically painful memories that more traditional approaches may pursue. TAT is a regular part of my practice. It transforms without getting the patient stuck in torment!”
   Diane Kay Siegmund, M.A., Licensed Psychologist, 310-378-2318

“I am a psychiatric social worker in private practice. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups in a variety of modalities. After taking the TAT training, I found that I could immediately integrate it with the other therapies I employ. It is very compatible and enhances therapies such as Thought Field Therapy, Applied and Educational Kinesiology, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Solution Focused Therapy, and Art Therapy. TAT is helpful when working with couples to aid in identifying and alleviating emotional blocks within a session and within a relationship. It helps quicken the therapeutic process because of its simplicity and effectiveness and is also a wonderful tool to add to what therapists can offer clients to help themselves.”
   Ms. Niklas Ehrlich, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., R.C.C., 604-990-1584

“I have been trained in EMDR, TFT and TAT. These are all powerful techniques. TAT is my choice in many treatment situations, because it is very effective with difficult cases, seldom triggers intense emotions, is very simple to use, and can be easily taught to patients for self-management of emotions. I have seen incredivle changes in some of my patients when using TAT. I wouldn’t be without it.”
   Garry A. Flint, Ph.D., Vernon, B.C.

“TAT can be rapidly and profoundly beneficial. There have been a number of clinical situations where TAT proved itself useful after other treatment approaches did not seem to be successful.”
   Robert B. Levin, M.D., Bernardsville, NJ

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