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General Testimonials
Professional Practitioner testimonials.
Tapas Fleming's Bio

Back-building – What /How /Why the materials benefit.
 What /How /Why the materials benefit.
Back-video –  What /How /Why the materials benefit.

General Testimonials

I am a Polarity practitioner and an RN, and I’m very excited about using your wonderful method with my family, friends and clients, when appropriate. My husband was having trouble sleeping, feeling caught in some compulsive thinking about a recent communication with his grown daughter. We tried TAT, following each image that arose, as directed, and he was quite amazed. He had a feeling of relaxation about the issue and a letting go of his need to be “heard.” He said there was a definite change in his thinking that evening. Several days have passed, and he continues to feel quite peaceful.
   Percyne Gardner
   Las Vegas, New Mexico

I did a quick clearing for my 5 year-old nephew who has a problem with noise now and then. He was a premie weighing 2.6 pounds at birth and in the hospital for the first 3 months of his life. No wonder noise is a problem.
   He had been running around with his hands over his ears screaming “I can’t stand the noise, it’s too loud” and crying, too. I did TAT on him and asked his body to effect a safe clearing for whatever was causing his problem with noise. After clearing for a few seconds, he was fine!! It was amazing.

I have had (still having) profound experiences and subtle shifts with drastic effects in working with a long-standing eating disorder. Although the actual life-threatening habits have not been present in my life for some time, I found that I still lived in fear and a need to control this urge from arising. With TAT, I have begun to re-organize my self-image and gradually let go of this conviction that I cannot surrender to enjoy my life fully, free of fear of some monster inside of me. An amazing amount of life force has been wrapped up in this kind of control, “pushing this part of me out of my experience,” as you say.

I’d like to tell you how incredibly TAT has worked for me. I am currently getting treatment for allergies using NAET. I recently got a new Westie puppy. I am allergic to cats and some dogs. I was treated for animal dander. I was fine with the pup until he started peeing and pooping around the house and I found myself sneezing a lot and having a constant stuffy nose and red eyes and all the usual allergy symptoms. I didn’t have a chance to see my NAET practitioner, so I decided to give TAT a try. Wow!! In what seemed like a few minutes, my sinuses cleared up and my sneezing stopped. The difference in how I feel now is incredible.
   Dulce Jansky

TAT is like magic. I was so miserable, stuffed up, itchy and runny I couldn’t stand another minute. During the treatment, I began to feel the swelling in my nasal passage start to shrink. Before I got off the table, I felt my right nasal passage open. The itching was gone and never came back. Wonderful!
   Diana Somps
   Accounting Manager

Last weekend I was doing some weeding in preparation for a small garden, and about an hour after I was done I noticed that my forearms were slightly itchy and had red lines all over them, I assume from the weeds. I did TAT, focusing on the weeds, for about 15 minutes and then looked at my arms to find that the redness was completely gone and they didn’t itch at all. It was great to see such a visible sign of what I felt had happened.
   Valerie Lauterback
   Los Altos, CA

When I came to Tapas, I was in a dark place. Environmentally and chemically sensitive, I was allergic to many foods, unable to pump my own gas, the fumes from cars made me ill when walking down busy streets, and cleaning fluids, laundry detergents and soaps were making me ill too. Not only was my world getting smaller and smaller, but the mold and mildew in my home was making me ill as well. I was terrified as to how sick I was getting.
   Now I really do believe in miracles. Since I have been treated with TAT, I am now eating dairy after not being able to for 2 * years. I am pumping my own gas. Mold no longer bothers me. I can go in the laundromat and down the cleaning supplies aisle at the supermarket, and I can tolerate other people’s perfume. What a gift! Thank you.
   Adamine Harms

On the 4th of July, my dog went nuts over the fireworks. When I TAT’d him, he moaned and laid down calmly. I also stroked his spine while I did it. I worked well!

A young woman witnessed a car wreck a year ago, resulting in deaths in both vehicles. Her own car escaped by a hair’s breadth. Since the accident, she has forced herself to drive, but she was very anxious and startles easily. She was anxious whether she was the driver or a passenger.
   We used TAT during the evaluation session. That was three weeks ago. Today, she came in and said that she no longer had a problem. She rode to a town about two hours away with her husband, and then drove around the town by herself. She said that her husband was amazed, because it was the first time she didn’t shriek out loud while he was driving.
   Carolyn Geduld

A 27 year old man came into my office complaining of insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, and depression. A week before, he had been in the parking lot of a bar late at night with two of his friends and someone had tried to run over him and his friends with a car. The driver succeeded in hitting his friends and seriously injuring them, but the patient was not physically injured except for a bruised knee. The emotional trauma, however, was severe. He reported that he could not close his eyes without seeing the incident in his mind. I did TAT with him and he reported a big shift occurring. Then he felt very sleepy, and I let him sleep on the treatment table for a while. When he got up, he said he felt completely normal. When he left my office, he seemed like a different person.
  Peter Stege, D.O.M.
   Las Vegas, NM

After studying your video and workbook, I felt confident to try it for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder as a toxic sensitivity to seasonal shifts in light. We sat by a bright unshaded window for 10 minutes while I guided my wife through the TAT protocol. It was easy and she was very cooperative. She focused on the “spring/summer” light while doing the procedure and she felt a subtle energy shift (a relaxed feeling) after we were done.
   Unlike treating conventional allergies (dairy products, wheat, dust, cats, dogs, etc.), we could not immediately test the effectiveness of TAT for this seasonal problem (except with muscle testing). We had to observe her condition over time and note any deviation from the usual effects we have experienced in years passed as the spring season arrives. In previous years, the problems would begin in the February/March time frame and become intolerable in April and May. The problems included anxiety, racing thoughts, loss of appetite, and insomnia.
   I am pleased to report that as of this writing (April 10), there have been no signs of any of the usual problems associated with this time of year. I am optimistic (and approaching “amazed”) that the treatment may have worked. I guess I’m being a bit cautious (maybe even a bit superstitious) before I can confidently declare that she has been cured. I think I’ll be totally convinced that she’s cured when we get through 2 consecutive years with no seasonal problems. We’ve been dealing with this for over a decade, so I want to be careful and patient in observing the results over time, but with each passing day, I’m believing more and more that something fantastic has occurred.
   Now, here are some of my own experiences with TAT. I’ve used it to treat allergies to dust, pollen, and cats. Especially cats! After the TAT treatment for cats, I went to visit my brother and his family. They have an adorable playful cat named Pepper. In previous visits there, I had to take an antihistamine just to be able to stay in the house for a few hours. This time, I went over there with the pills in my pocket but I never needed them. I had no sneezing, wheezing, or watery eyes at all. There was a little tightness in my chest but that cleared up on its own. For the first time ever, I spent a whole day in the presence of a cat and needed no medication to feel fine. Yes I am amazed (there, I said it!).
   I’ve also noticed that my breathing has been much clearer on a daily basis. I don’t have the usual congestion that I’ve gotten used to, especially at bedtime. For years, I have kept Afrin nasal spray on my nightstand and used it frequently. In the past two months since trying TAT, I’ve only needed nasal spray on 2 occasions. And I don’t keep it by my bedside anymore. I wake up most mornings with clear nasal passages. OK ,OK, I am amazed again!
   Getting back to TAT for Seasonal Affective Disorder, the results we have seen so far have been very encouraging. More research and clinical trials need to be done with other SAD sufferers to demonstrate a consistent pattern of effectiveness. I would recommend that anyone attempting to use TAT for this problem should treat all 4 seasons separately. Follow the TAT protocol 4 separate times for the “fall light”, then winter, spring, and summer. Knowledge of muscle testing could help here but isn’t necessary. Doing TAT for the 4 seasonal light shifts is probably going
to help. Please encourage other SAD sufferers to experiment with this on themselves or to work with a trained practitioner. TAT is so easy, it’s worth a try even on the most skeptical of people.
  A. W.
   New Jersey

During a TAT seminar, I closed my eyes and was back in Vietnam in the back seat of a helicopter on a training flight. Several B-52’s had dropped hundreds of 500 pound bombs in the distance. I took a deep breath as I remembered the helicopter slowly tilting back as it began to skid into a simulated emergency landing with an engine failure, but this time we were very tilted back. My knees were above my head, and the “stinger” - the tube that sticks out the back of the helicopter to keep the tail rotor from hitting the ground and that has never even touched the ground in my entire two years of flying - was bumping along as if over plowed rows in a cornfield. Then the tail rotor blades hit the ground and next the tail boom hit. When the helicopter finally skidded to a stop, it was upside down, and I was face down with my arms flung out in front of me. The frame of my seat pressing on the back of my helmet forcing my face into the dirt and solidly pinning both my arms and my face into the ground. I was trapped! Everyone else was dead or unconscious. With the engine still running we were sure to burn or explode. I was going to die. Eventually, another helicopter that had seen the crash came to the rescue.
   Whenever I remember this, my chest gets tight, my arms feel tingly and heavy, my palms sweat, and if I am telling the story to someone, I hear my voice change as my throat tightens, but as I did TAT, all of a sudden I was aware that I had survived that crash! In the years following the crash I had shared, cried, rebirthed, workshopped and catharted this into exhaustion, but this level of awareness of the fact that I SURVIVED was much stronger than any sense of survival I ever had before. It was the truth and I was suddenly aware of something new: there was NO HELICOPTER on top of me. Even as I had that thought, it seemed silly. Of course there wasn’t a helicopter on top of me, but I sat there amazed by my new awareness of that reality. For a brief moment I saw the crash scene from above. Although it was just a flash, I noticed that it looked different. It was lighter. I closed my eyes. It WAS lighter. It had always been kind of dark in my memory, as if there were a giant shaded plexiglass dome covering the site.
   I then became aware that as I was thinking about the crash, my chest, arms, throat and hands were relaxed. All I was having was a memory of an event that had taken place over twenty-eight years ago. Nothing more. The next thought I had was that I wanted the tension back. I had lived with it for so long that it had seemed a part of me. I closed my eyes again, but it wasn’t there and I couldn’t get it to come back, no matter how hard I focused on the memory.
   Dick Morrill, Air America

On February 28, 1998, at the EFT Seminar, Tapas Fleming publicly demonstrated her TAT “posing” procedure with me and another person simultaneously. We were both highly sensitive to petrochemicals. For me this has been a severe problem as long as I can remember, and I am 63 years young. This demonstration was done in front of some 60 professionals and with video cameras and bright lights on.
   Perfumes, gasoline, detergents, lip balms, many soaps and a variety of other substances have always been very noxious to me. This has been a major frustration for me, and my wife, for over 27 years, since I could never tolerate any of her perfumes. My eyes would quickly water and sting and the “capillaries curled” in my nose when I smelled her perfume. This was really a big problem, especially when she would first put it on and we would get in our car. I could hardly tolerate it. Then, too, I always wanted to please her by using some male “stink pretty” stuff on myself, but I could never tolerate it.
   Also, it was always extremely unpleasant when I passed women on the street who were wearing lots of perfume. It was especially unpleasant in enclosed spaces like elevators or stores. And, when I went into department stores I would be assaulted by the cosmetic counters, which always seem to be placed by the entrances. I learned to take three deep breaths before entering, hold my breath and dash past the counters as fast as possible. Of course I had to repeat this tactic upon leaving the stores. I never could figure out how to do this with my eyes closed; so, I had to tolerate that offensive stinging and cringing. I did usually close one eye to minimize the damage. The only positive benefits were that I developed a pretty good ability to swim underwater a long time; and, I improved my agility at getting through crowds.
   Pumping gas was always an unpleasant experience. Turpentine was terrible. Fingernail polish? Yuck! Polish remover? Double yuck! I just could not handle using kitchen sink cleansers. The list of noxious, toxic things seemed endless; and, they were everywhere.
   Well, after Tapas treated me with her TAT process, all of these things were neutralized. I still do not care for them. I still think they are not fit for human consumption. But, they don’t “curl my capillaries” anymore at all. I can breathe them “close up and personal” without the
negative reactions I always had before. I pumped gas just today (3-14-98), and I was able to breathe the fumes right down by the hose nozzle (I just had to try it) with no discomfort. Amazing! TAT works!
   As a result of Tapas’ excellent treatment, I am a happy camper, my wife is
delighted, and we are both enormously relieved to no longer have this obstacle to our closeness. It is sure nice to have my wife within “touching distance” so much more. She loves her new freedom to wear her perfumes around me.
   Lastly, I want to tell everyone that Tapas is a remarkably sensitive, perceptive, compassionate and loving person who does her work in a very professional and ethical manner, and yet she is a delightfully warm human being. It is a joy to observe her in action, and very impressive to be her client. I recommend Tapas, herself, and her TAT treatments to anyone. Simply stated, she is good!
   She has my permission to share this letter, and the video of her treatment with me, with anyone and in any way she wishes. I recommend her highly. You can be confident that she will provide effective help in her area of specialization.
   Larry Phillip Nims, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
   Orange, California

TAT Changed My Life!     I had become so chemically sensitive that for a year, I couldn't becomfortable anywhere except for my bedroom, outdoors, or my doctor's office. TAT relieved me of mostly all of my chemical sensitivities, and in a short period of time! Now I can go out in public and not be afraid.  In addition, my extensive list of food allergies has greatly diminished -- after avoiding such foods as wheat, yeast, cheese, garlic, rice, malt, vinegar, and a host of others for 14 years, I now have a full and enjoyable diet.
    Pollen season has also become much more manageable, as has exposure to petsand other former irritants.I love the fact that TAT is non-invasive and really fun to use. It has givenme so much healing and confidence.  I use it pretty much on a daily basis. 
    Many, many thanks!!
    Shirley Cohen

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